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Customer Centricity puts the consumer at the heart of sales strategy

With the dividing line between online and offline commerce blurring rapidly, the landscape of physical retail is changing at a brisk pace. Retail technology helps the physical retailer gain quick, useful insights into shopper behaviour. Now what’s been possible online for some time can also be measured offline.

All of the metadata generated in the store should be analysed in order to take action on the shop floor. The possibilities are endless, from positioning the range to creating personalised offers for the shopper. Today’s retail strategy can no longer be based on guesswork, decision making has to be fully data-driven. Beabloo, a specialist in omni-channel solutions, has developed the perfect tool to help retailers. With their Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) they’re leading the way into consumers’ hearts.

The ideal partner for digital transformation

Team of Beabloo in Barcelona: (v. l. n. r.) Guiomar Fernández, Pilar Fustero, Jaume Portell und Augusto Modigliani Team Beabloo - v. l. n. r.: Guiomar Fernández, Pilar Fustero, Jaume Portell und Augusto Modigliani (© Jan Mol)

Team Beabloo: (f. l. t. r.) Guiomar Fernández, Pilar Fustero, Jaume Portell und Augusto Modigliani (© Jan Mol)

We sat down at the table in Barcelona, home to the headquarters for multinational Beabloo, to talk to CEO Jaume Portell, International Business Development Manager Pilar Fustero, Content Manager Guiomar Fernández, and CPO/CMO Augusto Modigliani, about the launch of Active Customer Intelligence Suite for Innovative Customer Experiences. Portell kicked off the conversation: “ACIS uses cross-channel solutions and uses the results to personalise the purchasing process. ACIS also autonomously generates in-store actions that help optimise marketing and generate more sales. This process is a boost for the customer experience and guarantees satisfied customers.”

By using artificial intelligence in combination with digital signage, mobile engagement, and active stock control, we can create a purchasing climate where the consumer is offered products that are completely within his or her field of interest and are also guaranteed to be in stock in the store. Modigliani: “With ACIS, we’re solving a number of problems that every retailer is familiar with. Thanks to AI-Powered Digital Signage, called ‘Minerva’, part of ACIS, analysing data becomes a simplified process. The outcome speaks the language of the person who has to use it.”

Shopping is getting more personal than ever

Fustero and Fernández have a rewarding role to play in making it clear to retail in Europe that the customer determines success. Fustero explains: “Customer Centricity is the centre of everything. Creating a good customer experience is about customisation, and ACIS is the perfect tool to offer that customisation.” Fernández adds: “Technology helps the retailer, especially when sales staff are not well trained or not trained at all. However, ACIS works both ways: the system itself is getting smarter and smarter thanks to machine learning and the results help the staff gain insights.”

In conclusion, Portell says: “Shopping can be fun again, for the customer, for the retailer, and for their staff. The great thing about ACIS is that it doesn’t create pressure, but thanks to seamless integration on the shop floor, the right content is presented to the right customer at exactly the right time. Thanks to new technology for measuring and analysing data, shopping is getting more personal than ever before and will create a unique experience.”

Find out more about Beabloo: www.beabloo.com

Autor: Jan Mol owns a Dutch media company with an emphasis on copywriting and journalism for retail. As a freelance editor for retail magazines he writes about retail in general, about trade fairs and in particular about retail technology.


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