3 Questions to … Jessica Kalla, ACCENTA Music & P.O.S. GmbH
14. February 2019 | 3 Questions to…, Exhibitor´s Corner, Interview, Retail Technology

Let the music play!

Right before EuroCIS, Jessica Kalla, Managing Director of ACCENTA Music & P.O.S. GmbH talks about the technical implementation of music at the POS and how it influences our buying behavior.

Ms. Kalla, the EuroCIS trade fair is just around the corner. What surprises can visitors expect from you?

We have a lot of exciting innovations such as new wireless sound systems and unique displays for shop windows. An interesting option for those who are looking for a perfect eye-catcher for their store and want to perfectly stage their products.

This is the first time we will showcase the Twin Screen, a dual-screen display used in store windows facing high brightness. The front and rear monitors can play different content, while the eye-level position ensures your videos are given full attention.

We are also very excited to announce our new content services. A designated division creates slide shows, animated presentations, menu boards, and much more customized content. Visitors can check out the quality of these “Made by ACCENTA!” contents at our booth.

In-store music can influence buying behavior. How can retailers choose the right notes for their customers?

Our music experts give invaluable advice and put together a music channel with the right music at the right time that fits our customers’ wishes and needs. There are multiple interesting studies on the impact of music on customer buying behavior in retail. Products like towels are perceived as much softer with the right background music versus a backdrop of no music or disturbing beats.

This is where we come in. We focus on creating a pleasant and discreet atmosphere and this is often better achieved with unknown song titles that stay in the background.

We provide premium curated royalty-free playlists, which saves our clients money on music licensing fees.

How easy is it to implement this from a technical perspective?

Our Audiolution solution is perfect for retail chains. They get their own in-store radio channel, which can be connected to any music system using the receiver. We don’t use live stream, which means the music keeps on playing even without an internet connection. We build a music portfolio that’s adapted to your industry. Our clients come from the fashion industry, furniture segment, food retail and include bakeries and many others.

Interview: EuroShop.mag

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