Voice intelligent assistant connecting employees at Walgreens
5. August 2019 | News, Retail Technology, What´s new in Retail

Theatro announced Walgreens, one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains, is implementing Theatro’s enterprise-wide solution at all of its 9,560 stores, with the first 1,000 locations deployed in 2019. Theatro’s all-inclusive service offering allows Walgreens store team members to communicate with each other quickly and easily, helping to bring to life an improved healthcare and retail experience for customers and patients.

Walgreens store team members can use their voice to interact with Theatro’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Intelligent Assistant to get the information they need to perform their role and deliver differentiated customer experiences. Theatro’s cost-effective solution connects every associate to their enterprise network and to their leadership team at all times through the use of a small voice-controlled Internet of Things (IoT) device that allows the associate to remain “heads-up and hands-free” when assisting customers.

“Technology solutions like Theatro allow us to communicate the changes we’re making directly and regularly with our team members, keeping them up-to-date and able to continue to offer great customer service”, said Richard Ashworth, President of Operations, Walgreens.

Source: Theatro

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