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Sales-promoting staging of the fresh goods is one of the highest goals for the foodstuffs retail trade.

The growing variety of articles and changes in packaging sizes pose a particular challenge and call for adaptable refrigeration solutions. To be successful, retailers need to remain flexible and be able to adapt their offers quickly – for example, based on the time of the day. HAUSER has an answer to this requirement and is presenting at Euroshop, among other things, refrigerated cabinets which can adapt to market conditions and demand, and are easy to retrofit.

refrigerated shelves in a supermarket; copyright: HAUSER / Stefan Kuhn Photography

Convenience island MERANIS © HAUSER

One possibility is the use of refrigerated cabinets with different temperature ranges, such as the MERANIS refrigerated island, which can be operated in either the above-zero or deep-freezing range. These refrigerated cabinets can be used for a wide range of products and are therefore ideally suited to a seasonal range (e.g. ice cream in the summer).

Where the intent is to optimise the product range based on the daily workflow, container refrigerated shelves can be an ideal solution. This is done by filling the containers in the cold storage room and then simply pushing them into the basic cabinet (e.g. everything customers need for breakfast in the morning). Containers can thus be prepared for breakfast in the morning, lunch snacks or evening meals. This offers the advantage for the store operator not only of being able to use the refrigerated cabinet for an individually adapted product range, but also of shoppers being able to access the desired goods more quickly.

Refrigeration units that can be fully converted depending on their intended use are especially flexible, such as a serve-over counter that can be converted into a self-service counter with a single action and without any tools. The counter can thus be used for quick self-service on the one hand and for personal service and advice on the other.

The placement of the refrigerated cabinets in the store should also allow the greatest possible flexibility. In general, it can be said that refrigerated and deep-freezing cabinets are moving away from wall and row arrangement and more into the centre of the sales space. Modern centre-space solutions offer buyers convenient access from all four sides. A better overview of the market for easier orientation is guaranteed, especially with low refrigerated cabinet heights. Special solutions for high-frequency market areas are small, low and highly transparent refrigerated displays. These have a small footprint, can be integrated ideally into existing departments and can in part be set up for mobile use at any place in the market thanks to rollers.

For a harmonious store appearance it is also essential to be able to combine refrigerated, low temperature and dry shelves. Refrigerated cabinets by HAUSER fit perfectly into any store concept thanks to their versatile design options and continuous look; they also support the trouble-free combination of several cabinets to form a single unit. A continuous, combinable design of the (refrigerated) cabinets does not only have visual advantages: retailers can use this to map out genuine application scenarios (e.g. barbecue charcoal and barbecue sauces next to barbecue meat) and thus improve the shopping convenience for their customers.

refrigerated shelves in a supermarket; copyright: HAUSER / Stefan Kuhn Photography

Refrigerated shelf MIRENGO © HAUSER

Flexible retrofitting solutions ensure that the refrigerated cabinets remain visually and technically up to date in the long term. In case of a redesign, panels that can be exchanged without tools such as those in the HAUSER REMETA, MIRENGO, MERANIS and VINIA product ranges allow for easy adaptation of the appearance in some cases to reflect store design modifications without having to replace the refrigerated cabinets.

The HAUSER Connect system is the right choice where the intent is to extend existing refrigerated cabinets without expensive installation work. In the Connect water system, for example, the waste heat generated by integral refrigerated cabinets is dissipated to the outside by means of a water circuit. On the one hand, this prevents the store from becoming too warm, while on the other removing the need to install an air-conditioning system. Thanks to the uncomplicated, time-saving installation and rapid amortisation, the Connect system offers an interesting solution for every store operator.

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Your international partner for refrigeration technology

70 years of experience

HAUSER, whose headquarters are in the Austrian city of Linz, is the international refrigeration technology partner that provides customer-orientated all-in-one solutions, optimised system components and a full range of services for industry and the food retail sector. Founded in 1946 by Rudolf Hauser as a service and installation business in Linz, the family-run enterprise has grown continuously since then and currently has a workforce of around 1,100 employees. HAUSER uses the latest processes to manufacture its products at two sites in Austria and the Czech Republic. It ensures top-quality materials and processing by constantly developing its products and technologies further and making improvements to them. Today, HAUSER is a one-stop supplier in the field of refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration technology, and covers everything from planning to service.

One stop shopping

Refrigerated shelves in a big supermarket; copyright: HAUSER / Stefan Kuhn Photography

© HAUSER / Stefan Kuhn Photography

HAUSER plans, produces and delivers turnkey refrigeration units, and provides safety, reliability and service throughout each product’s life cycle. The top-quality products are tailored to fulfill your individual needs. The professional project management minimises your energy consumption and thus helps preserve the environment.

Broad spectrum of services

Our product portfolio includes refrigeration and deep-freezing cabinets, refrigeration technology and control units, cold-storage rooms and warehouses and a broad spectrum of services. HAUSER brings expert service to your premises through a national service network of regional HAUSER area managers, certified service partners and international supervisors. A 24-hour, multilingual hotline (in German, English and Czech) and the option of remote service complete the HAUSER service range.

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