Pantaloons – a new experience for a progressive style partner
17. March 2021 | News, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising, Shopping Today

Dalziel & Pow worked with the Indian fashion retailer Pantaloons to develop an exciting new retail concept. Launched in late 2020 across a number of locations including Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Delhi, the new shopping experience inspires customers to have fun with their style every day.

Already well-loved in India, Pantaloons is known for its quality and value. Repositioning themselves with the purpose of being a “progressive style partner” at the forefront of trends. We designed the store experience to reflect the brand’s new attitude and to give Pantaloons a unique and ownable voice, creating a fashion-forward space while remaining welcoming and inclusive with localised touches. Every aspect of the customer journey has been addressed, adding life to the entire experience and filling the store with moments to discover.

Inside of a newly designed Pantaloons store

© Dalziel & Pow

Designed to be a flexible canvas, the stores deliver a constant sense of newness by acting as a stage for the latest trends. Visual merchandising (VM) plays an important role in the new concept, updating customers on ‘what’s hot’ as well as offering inspiration on what to wear for special occasions as well as everyday. Communications have a playful and positive tone of voice, in keeping with the brand’s upbeat energy.

A vibrant digital shopfront wrap provides a ‘wow’ moment for arriving customers. The digital wrap can be constantly updated, creating a reactive shopfront that showcases ever-changing content including new product launches. The screens also allow Pantaloons to add a local layer to its stores by communicating relevant messaging such as local festival celebrations.

Inside of a newly designed Pantaloons store

© Dalziel & Pow

Store layouts create a guided customer journey within and between departments, which have been transformed into distinct destinations. A bold approach to colours and materials is used throughout the space, creating a vibrant, contemporary environment that stands out from competitors. Fractured ceilings sit over some departments while large translucent discs create unique focal points in others.

Playful touches have been considered throughout. In the fitting rooms, enhanced with colours and lighting, customers can step onto a sensor pad to light-up a mirror in the middle of the space, turning trying-on clothes into a fun and shareable moment. In the Kids department, a hot air balloon display draws customers in to explore.

The new cosmetics and lifestyle departments are also highlighted within the new shopping experience. The cosmetics department houses branded products, all framed within Pantaloons’ new look and feel, while the lifestyle department features products for the home arranged by category alongside inspirational VM.

Source: Dalziel & Pow

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