Shopper behavior: browse-often, decide-occasionally
28. March 2019 | News, Retail Technology, Shopping Today

Option overload prevents 46 % of digital shoppers from purchasing

Already the catalyst for digitally connected lifestyles, smartphones are inciting a new state of always-on commerce in which learning about and looking at products is an everyday norm. In fact, one in four digital consumers research products on their smartphones daily, and nearly half (47 percent) research multiple times per week, according to a newly released study by Episerver.

As part of its third consecutive “Reimagining Commerce” research report, Episerver surveyed more than 4,500 online shoppers in eight countries and discovered that, despite this flurry of consumer activity, constant access to shopping channels is contributing to nearly half (46 percent) of consumers citing “too many options” as a reason for not completing a purchase. To help make sense of all the choices, a third of global digital shoppers (35 percent) look at an item three or more times before making a purchase, and 87 percent compare what they find on a brand or retailer’s site to Amazon.

“Knowing consumers’ mindsets that casual swiping can turn into committed shopping, retailers can drive interest and, ultimately, sales by lessening the burden of choice and doubling down on experience-driven commerce”, said Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce at Episerver. “Product education, personalized content and site search, purchasing ease, promotions on multiple channels, peer reviews and performance of the site itself can all make a difference.”

The consideration stage remains the most opportune for retailers as consumers state only one in five of their purchases are planned, meaning they may be open to marketing messaging (both organic and paid) should a retailer follow through with accurate content and address digital shoppers’ top expectations: free shipping (67 percent), shipping tracking (61 percent) and information about returns (52 percent).

Source: Episerver

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