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Arneg Group is the leading international supplier of a wide, varied range of products and integrated solutions and superior quality fittings to meet every specific requirement in the retail industry, from designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for small, medium and major retail stores.

Within the group, the mother company Arneg S.p.A. takes care of all the refrigeration technologies.

A refrigerated shelf with food

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The cabinet

The OSAKA 3 LX with Arneg Air System is one of Arneg’s most elegant and sustainable answers to food preservation requirements.

This vertical refrigerated cabinet offers generous storage plus large glass doors and excellent lighting. The aim is to offer a complete and panoramic view of the products on display, all in a small footprint.


A refrigerated shelf with food

© Arneg


The technology

Arneg Air System, applied to the Osaka 3 LX, guarantees top quality food preservation with minimum energy consumption. This very special technology generates a unique air circulation within the refrigerated compartment that optimises the energy efficiency of the entire cabinet.

  • No more defrosting
  • -37% energy consumption
  • Constant food preservation temperature



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How does it work?

Special, dynamic air blades ensure that the difference in temperature between the various food products on display never exceeds 2°C irrespective of operating conditions (M0, M1, M2). This reduced excursion in temperature guarantees improved food preservation as well as significant energy savings.

Arneg Air System can be applied to both remote and plug-in closed vertical refrigerated cabinets.


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