The art of the table to reappropriate public space
6. October 2020 | Expo & Event Marketing, News, What´s new in Retail
A very long curved yellow table in a city beneath trees with people

© Raphaël Thibodeau

Stimulating traffic in the Quartier des Spectacles

The team of ADHOC Architects presents the project “Your Place at the Table!” in Montreal until October 2020 on Sainte-Catherine Ouest, corner Clark. The colorful installation was conceived to safely accommodate and attract citizens currently reappropriating the downtown of Montreal after several weeks of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The layout is designed to offer passers-by a space to promenade or to sit and relax while respecting current sanitation and social distancing norms. The project was designed with the collaboration of graphic designers Maude Lescarbeau and Camille Blais.

The initial mandate from the Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles was to produce an artistic installation that would attract and stimulate traffic in the Quartier des Spectacles while maintaining social distancing measures. The TULIPs are public amenities that work in synergy with the supply of local commerces and cultural and touristic attractions. Until October 2020, the public is invited to explore these new urban amenities that are animated by a cultural program as well as a multitude of spontaneous initiatives. The redesigned space proposes 80 seats and encourages the direct support of 22 local restaurants reopening in the cafeteria of Le Central.

ADHOC architectes added a social component to the site of 3260 square meters by transforming it into a new urban terrasse. A 100 meter (300 feet) long “urban table” was precisely implanted between the existing furniture and trees that perforate the elevated, angular metal grille in the center of the site. The table undulates under the canopy of the trees, leaving visitors to discover a succession of staged place settings and varied atmospheres.

Vibrant, custom graphic signage and enchanting lighting brighten up this usually quite a shady environment, creating a welcome atmosphere during the day and night. The color yellow is thus celebrated in this tone on tone installation. This festive, joyous, and luminous color palette attracts stares from passers-by and introduces a marked contrast with the monochromatic shades of the existing park. A truly colorful and vivacious oasis in the heart of downtown Montreal, the installation invites curiosity and discovery.

Source: ADHOC architectes

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