Wayve and Ocado Group partner to develop autonomous grocery deliveries for OSP retailers globally
21. October 2021 | News, Retail Technology, What´s new in Retail

Wayve announces a partnership and £10 million investment from Ocado Group to accelerate the development of autonomous grocery deliveries for complex urban environments.

Wayve’s advanced deep learning and camera-first technology has the ability to adapt to new, unstructured, highly complex environments, without the need for pre-programming, human-designed rules, or high definition mapping.

The collaboration includes an autonomous delivery trial that will see Wayve’s technology fitted onto a selection of Ocado delivery vans and trialed on urban delivery routes. This trial will help Ocado explore first-hand how Wayve can handle the congested streets and challenging maneuvers that last-mile delivery technology must be equipped to navigate. A portion of Ocado’s existing delivery fleet will also be outfitted with Wayve’s data collection devices to provide data for training and validating Wayve’s technology.

Alex Harvey, Chief of Advanced Technology, Ocado Group commented: “Ocado is on a journey to develop highly intelligent autonomous mobility systems to further transform the operational economics, and proposition, of the Ocado Smart Platform for our OSP retail partners. We’ve been impressed with Wayve’s approach to solving this most complex of challenges and are excited to accelerate our capabilities so that our retail partners globally can take advantage of them at the earliest opportunity.”

Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve says: “Ocado Group has been driving innovation in global grocery logistics for decades. Their cutting-edge approach to grocery operations and international reach aligns strongly with Wayve’s culture and global ambitions. I am incredibly excited to collaborate with Ocado Group and learn from their vast expertise. Globally, there is huge momentum to transform mobility in grocery operations right now. We are focused on delivering an autonomous last mile solution to support the needs of grocery retailers everywhere. Through this partnership with Ocado Group we aim to unlock autonomous delivery faster in more places worldwide.”

Source: Wayve.ai

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