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Modular presentation systems provide many design options

By Silke Meny (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

If you want a successful shopfitting concept, you must embrace flexibility in your design. Today’s consumers are craving a unique retail experience in an attractive ambiance with highlights that capture attention through their presentation. Customers want shopping experiences in settings that are tangible and evoke emotions. It’s precisely what differentiates brick-and-mortar stores from online retail and what increases the market value of your business. This necessitates creativity and individuality. “EasyCubes” delivers both. The new modular display system by VFK Renzel – a company that offers 35 years of skills and experience across the spectrum of sales promotions – consists of only three basic elements but the possibilities for product presentation are virtually endless. 

We asked Daniel van Veenendaal from VKF Renzel about the possibilities that EasyCubes offers. He is the contact person for the innovative system.

Mr. van Veenendaal, what product presentation possibilities does the EasyCubes system offer?

Smiling man with short hair - Daniel van Veenendaal; Copyright: VFK Renzel

© VKF Renzel

Daniel van Veenendaal: Our slogan “3 parts – a thousand possibilities” already hints at the versatility of EasyCubes. Shopfitting uses EasyCubes for shop-in-shop retail concepts, pop-up stores and as presentation displays for products. Exhibition construction uses the cubes to create showcases or complete exhibition stands.

What makes EasyCubes so unique?

The high flexibility, reusability, and customization options thanks to prints or custom decals are just a few aspects that make the system so special.

What are the benefits of modular systems?

The individual building blocks can be stacked and positioned as needed. The modular system allows you to change existing settings flexibly and quickly. The tool-free assembly saves customers time during construction, disassembly, and conversion. The cubes also save transport storage space. The endless composition and customization possibilities facilitate unique consumer experiences. Attachments and showcases made of clear acrylic also enable the creation of custom supplements and additions.

How does the system work?

A Coffee Pop with EasyCubes; Copyright: VFK Renzel

© VKF Renzel

It consists of three basic elements: Floor + Cube + Cover. You stack the desired number of cubes on the floor. The cover creates the perfect visual top. Each cube measures 400 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm (length x width x depth) and weighs two kilograms. The cube load capacity is up to 70 kilograms. The floor piece is placed directly on the floor under the cube or cover, measures 400 mm x 400 mm x 50 mm and can hold up to two tons. The cover element measures 400 mm x 400 mm x 10 mm and likewise has a loading capacity of up to two tons.

The cubes are made from high impact polystyrene, which makes them very strong and robust. Customers choose from white or black components. Custom requests and maximum flexibility are made possible by printed foils that are adhered to the cubes and covers. The system is suitable as a temporary or permanent display installation. Many customers count on micro suction cup films for their campaigns because they can be changed and reused.

Customers can configure the display systems online. Do they appreciate this option, or do they occasionally need on-site planning support?

The online configurator supports the customer’s planning process. The benefit is that you can instantly visualize your project and try out different options. This ensures the order is exactly what the customer wants. You can also try out the EasyCubes system right in our showroom in Isselburg, Germany. Our specialists are happy to help answer any questions you might have. Since the system is very easy to use, on-site support is typically not even needed.

How long did it take you to develop EasyCubes?

The inventor of EasyCubes took about three years to create the system.

How does one come up with such a simple, minimalist, yet striking idea?

The previous model consisted of seven parts, but its individual components were quite heavy and required tools for assembly. The developer wanted to optimize the system and make it user-friendly and simple to install.

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