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What shop design can look like: Indistrieel – India meets Industrial

For unique furniture and accessories, a visit to the rustic Dutch store is worthwhile.

Skilful mixing: What do you get when you mix Indian furniture with industrial look? “Indistrieel”. The shop in the town of Middelburg in the Netherlands offers really exciting furniture, lamps, accessories and bags.

The “basic items” are often imported from India and then given a new look. The resulting unique items are not only sold to private customers, but also to larger customers such as restaurants, nurseries and offices.

Very pleasant: There is enough space to have a look at the goods. These are very well arranged. So the varied selection does not look confused. Not every furniture store succeeds in this.

Have you ever seen such a checkout zone?

And there they are again: the siblings wood, metal and stone. The walls and ceilings of the store are also rough, in industrial style. On the one hand with raw brick walls in various muted tones, on the other with smooth plastered surfaces in anthracite. This contrasts with the rustic look of the Indian colorful furniture.

Author: Natascha Mörs
First published at: iXtenso.com – Magazine for Retailers

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