Creating new offline experiences for the new retail normal
7. September 2021 | News, Retail Technology, What´s new in Retail

Amid difficult times for traditional offline retailers, Amorepacific is charting a new course for its operations across many of its most important brands. The goal is not simply to adapt to the so-called New Normal, but to embrace it with new and meaningful experiences for consumers.

There is no doubt that the foot traffic in offline stores is falling sharply as more and more consumers find what they need via e-commerce. This long-term trend has accelerated due to the prolonged pandemic, and the beauty industry has not been immune. Many retailers have shuttered branches and shopping centers like Seoul’s Myeongdong district, which has long been a hub for attracting tourists from around the world, are experiencing unprecedented difficulties as tourists have stayed away.

As Korea’s leading beauty conglomerate, Amorepacific has moved quickly to provide differentiated experiences for consumers, seeking to overcome the shock of the crisis with new distribution channels and strategies that embrace a combination of enhanced offline and expanded online approaches, while at the same time pioneering new markets overseas.

In this new approach, the offline environment takes on an added role as an experience platform. More than just for buying products, it’s a place where customers can begin to explore a new world of beauty through new contents and services. Amorepacific’s aim is to create synergy between online and offline environments in creative ways that strengthen brand loyalty while also attracting new customers.

Amorepacific’s offline stores with outstanding beauty experiences:

  • Amore Store Gwanggyo is an experience-based beauty store whare customers can meet and experience 40 brands and 2,000 products of Amorepacific. REFILL STATION opened in October 2020 at Amore Store Gwanggyo which enables customers to choose from 15 shampoo and bodywash products to refill recycled containers made from coconut shells. It is economical, environmentally friendly, and the contents are always at a discount from regularly bottled products.
  • Amore Seongsu is a place where customers can get to know beauty trend and experience Amorepacific’s latest beauty science and technology. BASE PICKER is a new service launched on April 6th at Amore Store Seongsu. Customers can create personalized foundation and cushion products from a choice of 2 textures, 2 product types and 100 colors. BASE PICKER was developed in collaboration with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology after conducting three years of research on skin tones and foundation colors. Tailored products are mixed on the spot with a special robot operated by patented technology in a fast and hygienic process.
  • IOPE lab is located in Seoul’s Myeongdong shopping district. It’s a place where customers can receive personalized measurement and genetic analysis of their skin type, and obtain personalized skincare solutions. Customers can also try the store’s personalized hydrogel mask service. Created with a 3D printer on the spot, the service received a 2020 CES Innovation Award.
  • FACEFIT by ARITAUM is located in Seoul’s Times Square Mall. Operated with professionally trained face-fit consultants, the store offers one-on-one personalized service optimized for each customer’s individual facial features. Customers can choose from key Amorepacific brands such as HERA, IOPE and HANYUL, and experience “face-only-fitness” as they learn how to exercise their facial muscles. The store also provides mini-makeup services and precise diagnosis of each customer’s skin problems.

Source: Amorepacific


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