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EuroCIS 365 shows how the role of the trade fair is expanding in a digital world

by Julia Pott (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

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Some things are worth the wait: EuroCIS – The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology will return to the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition halls as a live event on February 15, 2022. The trade fair landscape and the world of work have undergone a radical change since exhibitors and visitors of the industry last met at EuroShop 2020 in the Retail Technology Dimension. Trade shows and all their benefits no longer just rely on in-person events; they now facilitate a 24/7/365 experience of brands independent of location and time!

For Dirk Diepenseifen, Senior Marketing Manager at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, these comprehensive changes mean setting the trade fair up for the future: “The digital society also shapes our work. Trade fairs are undergoing a transformation. They are turning into a powerful medium, begging the question: When is the best time for exhibitors to prepare for a successful trade show? My answer is now! And this answer is true on 365 days of the year. EuroCIS is a medium that gives exhibitors year-round access to the global industry community.”

EuroCIS 2022 – What to expect

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EuroCIS sees itself as a platform for innovations and trends, as an enabler and facilitator, and as a meeting place of and for the retail community. Exhibitors of the in-person Trade Show in 2022 will once again showcase highly specialized solutions and developments and delight an expert audience from retail and wholesale, the consumer goods industry, the IT and security industry, online retailing, restaurant chains and event catering, and financial services and banks. Specials such as Stages, the Start-Up Hub – a dedicated presentation space for newcomers with an innovation and technology mindset – or presentations of prestigious EHI Awards including the “retail technology award europe” or the “Retail Research Award” complete the exciting package.

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In the future, a digital society, economy, and industry will also mean driving expansion of trade shows into the digital realm. For EuroCIS that means, “Same time, different place” – thanks to its Digital Extension. It is the virtual world of the hybrid EuroCIS where all members of the EuroCIS community connect: from live streaming of the Stages, product videos and white papers to web sessions and new networking opportunities.

“EuroCIS 365 – “The trade fair becomes a medium”

The digital extension not only affects the physical venue – expanding from in-person to virtual events – but also shapes time. EuroCIS is not limited to the official temporary trade fair dates. On the contrary. “Direct contact and on-site experiences are indispensable, but an online presence with all its possibilities is just as important,” says Elke Moebius, Project Director Retail & Retail Technology at Messe Düsseldorf.

This is where the EuroCIS 365 Virtual CONNECT services come into play: The platform offers exhibitors a brand-new array of marketing opportunities. Whether they prefer a German-speaking or international format, whether they want to ensure maximum reach or prefer target marketing instead, whether the goal is push notifications or interactive communication – this is where exhibitors can take their marketing goals to the next level. EuroCIS 365 helps participants to generate awareness, knowledge and leads. What makes this so unique: They no longer have to rely on just a few successful days a year and reflect this in their strategy, but they can also complement their in-person exhibit with a digital presence – thanks to a multitude of services, this is now possible around the clock, 365 days a year.

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The in-person trade fair is expanded by the Digital Extension. The full potential of the trade show can now be further unlocked online because all members of the EuroCIS community can stay connected virtually 365 days a year. They have access to several tools: One of them is our Profile service that “extends physical trade show booths into the Internet”, making it possible to experience the brand world of our exhibitors virtually as well – with product videos, demos, presentations, white papers, web sessions, events, and news. And not just on specific dates, but anytime. Omnipresence also means finding, collecting, and managing business contacts. The Digital Extension of EuroCIS provides many opportunities for location and time independent Networking in the retail technology sector. “We are the voice of our Community – reaching even beyond the EuroCIS portal,” says Dirk Diepenseifen. “This enables exhibitors to not only optimize their own trade fair presentation but also to achieve their general marketing goals throughout the year and promote a positive impact on their business success in the long run.”

Another innovative format that has taken the industry by storm is the “retail salsa – Spice up your community” online format. The virtual Webtalk brings retailers, suppliers, and independent experts together to discuss their insights and use cases from the retail industry with viewers. After all, retail community members want to learn how to create the perfect customer journey. EuroCIS exhibitors can register for this option and share their tips, tricks, and products with their relevant target audience.

Interested parties and EuroCIS visitors also keep up to date with the EuroCIS.mag magazine, the communication platform with the latest topics, news, and stories from the industry, and through Social via our LinkedIn or Instagram channels. Monthly, the EuroCIS newsletter, delivers the latest retail technology news right to your email, ensuring the community always stays informed about the most recent trends or developments, even beyond the trade fair event.

Find out more about the EuroCIS 365 CONNECT services at www.eurocis.com.

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