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The joy of lingering and shopping at the point of sale has been drastically curtailed by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The umdasch UV-C Fitting Room enables customers to try clothes, shoes & Co without worries. The changing room disinfects itself and the garments inside automatically via UV-C light.

The product innovation of umdasch allows a quick and safe disinfection of all clothing and surfaces in the changing room. With the UV-C light used, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) are reliably removed. Bespoke design is possible on request, as well as the adaptation of the existing changing rooms to the UV-C solution.

How the UV-C Fitting Room works

The shop employee starts the sterilization process by double locking the door lock and red light will come on, indicating that the fitting room is not ready to use. As soon as the colour changes to green, disinfection is complete and the fitting room can be entered again. The changing room and the products inside are disinfected by the UV-C light within a very short time.

In case the door is locked from the outside and someone is still in the changing room, a motion sensor and a manual emergency shutdown is integrated, which stops the UV-C radiation for safety reasons.


  • Fast and safe disinfecting of clothes and the whole fitting room (99.9% of all bacteria and viruses – incl. Covid-19)
  • A sustainable way of disinfection: No chemicals are used, no resources are wasted
  • Easy handling by the shop staff
  • Ensuring an absolute clean changing room experience
  • Creating a new way of consumer confidence
  • Slick and space efficient cubicle design
  • Bespoke designs possible on enquiry
  • Retrofitting options for the umdasch UV-C solution to existing fitting rooms
  • Implementation of other use cases possible

This technology can also be used in compact form for other areas, such as accessories and utensils in the service sector.

Source: umdasch The Store Makers

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