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Local culinary delights among supermarket shelves and marketplace stalls in Belgium

A louis delhaize OPEN MARKET from the outside

© louis delhaize

by Julia Pott (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

louis delhaize launched a new grocery store concept in two branches of July 2022. In Gembloux and in Braine-le-Comte, customers of the Belgian retail chain can visit the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET.

The OPEN MARKET concept combines the assortment of a supermarket with the freshness offers and the atmosphere of a marketplace within a large store area.

In 1875, Louis Delhaize founded the company which today operates as the Louis Delhaize Group in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Romania, mainly with grocery stores.

Floor plan of a louis delhaize OPEN MARKET with French department labels

© louis delhaize

The two markets in Braine-le-Comte and Gembloux, south of Brussels, follow an open concept with thematic zones focusing on food of all kinds and their preparation. From fresh food counters and ready-meal offerings to the marketplace to the specialty niches and the “warehouse” – this diverse offering forms a small culinary journey where customers can find what they are looking for, but also gain inspiration. At the same time, the market remains easy to navigate and is characterized by a cozy atmosphere.


In addition, louis delhaize OPEN MARKET’s services include fast-charging stations for electric cars, click & collect offers and a recycling center for batteries, light bulbs, small electrical appliances and more.

Many grocery retailers and supermarket chains are expanding their concepts beyond simply putting merchandise on rows of shelves. The quality and origin of food are increasingly moving to the center of customer attention; inspiration for shopping and food preparation is taking on an ever more important role; sustainability issues such as the packaging-free sale of products and materials used are increasingly in the spotlight; and the demand for flexible services and payment options is also rising. Retailers are challenged to be creative and to take a close look at the customer journey from the customer’s point of view in order to create a compelling shopping experience.

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