23. March 2020 | Retail Marketing, Video, Visitor´s Corner

Luiza Helena Trajano is one of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs. With the retail chain MAGAZINE Louisa she has made a name for herself all over the country. The concept: human and modern at the same time. She has been focusing on e-commerce since the 1990s and conquered the market as an omni-channel company. Around the shop locations of MAGAZINE Louisa, which are mostly located in the periphery of the larger cities, Luiza Trajano built public centres where courses, consultations or medical care are offered free of charge. In addition, the entrepreneur is committed to the rights and opportunities of women worldwide. In 2013, she founded the non-partisan association Grupo Mulheres do Brasil (Group of Brazilian Women) with the aim of making a change for her country together. In the meantime, the women’s movement also exists outside Brazil. We met her at EuroShop 2020 for an interview.

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