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How to use the smartphones of your consumers for convenience, sales and marketing

Review “retail salsa”: Scan & Go

On March 16th, we prepared another spicy meal for you as a tasting sample about the options, benefits and challenges of Scan & Go services. With many poignant questions of our audience and the valuable and current input of our experts, Dennis Lawo, researcher on the topic of „consumer informatics“, and Nico Müller, Chief Commercial Officer at shopreme, we created a comprehensive recipe that should help you assess the implementation process of Scan & Go and the positive impacts that you can expect for your business.

What are the advantages for my business if I implement a Scan & Go solution?

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Nico Müller // © beta-web GmbH

Nico brought up many convincing benefits a retailer can expect after successfully implementing Scan & Go. Among them a relatively low investment because consumers can use their own mobile devices and a quick starting time. Scan & Go can bring a modern shopping experience to brick-and-mortar stores, Nico added, that gives retailers the ability to provide many digital services and boost customer loyalty.

Dennis completed the list of benefits: You can add services like product information on ingredients, instructions or supply chains. Ideally you would connect your Scan & Go app with your loyalty program or other services. And another valuable aspect is the potential for cross-selling and targeted marketing you gain when getting access to your customers’ smartphones. Based on the user’s history and shopping baskets you can make meaningful recommendations to consumers.

Screenshot of a Webtalk guest speaker

Dennis Lawo // © beta-web GmbH

Do I need to develop and implement a whole new app for Scan & Go?

There are many different possible use cases for various retailers, Nico explained. You can integrate a Scan & Go feature into your own successful retailer app, you can use a white label app from a provider and design it accordingly, or you can use a web app with which any consumer can use your Scan & Go service in their browser without having to install anything.

How do customers react to Scan & Go features?

Dennis provided an excellent insight into the minds and feelings of consumers regarding self-service options and Scan & Go features. Research showed, for example, that customers are nervous about using the technology because they are afraid of accidentally mis-scanning items and being accused of theft. Retailers should be sensitive to that concern, Dennis and Nico said and presented solutions to form a save and convenient customer experience.

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Most consumers however appreciate the convenience this solution adds to the customer journey, Dennis concluded. No waiting in lines, having a shopping list on your smartphone or using the mobile wallet on your device can make a shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

There are even more pertinent questions that were discussed with our guest speakers:

  • How do I motivate my customers to use the Scan & Go feature?
  • Which obstacles do I need to be aware of?
  • What kind of return on investment can I expect?
  • What should I consider with regard to the training and activation of my employees?
  • Which solution is most suitable for which use case?

You’ll find many more questions and answers as well as practical examples from retailers on how to design and promote the Scan & Go options in this webtalk. Interested in the full meal? Then use our on-demand offer and watch this retail salsa (and many others on further exciting topics) for free.

We look forward to bringing you more delicious treats next time, here’s a taste of the upcoming menus of our retail salsa webtalk series.

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